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I was just sitting around and out of nowhere I just got punched in the face by an idea.

(don't you love it when that happens?)

On the inside, we're all identical. Our physical inside. (more or less) We all have the same parts, pieces; so what in the world makes us so diverse? I'm talking about personality and ability.

Think about this.

In animals there is variation in behavior, and we can see this in their hierarchies. One animal dominates, and the others submit. A challenger rises up, and either fails to take control or becomes the new ruler. The variation is slight. We see a lot more variation in personality in primates, and chimps especially. Yet, we don't see massive differences. All of them are adept at essential skills (whatever those may be). I know I can't compare a human brain with that of a chimpanzee, but how can humans be so diverse when everything else in the world resembles one another very closely? What makes one person adept at repairing TVs, and another a born opera singer? DNA has a role, our surroundings, our parents, our experiences...but what else? I just feel unaware, you know. What else is there?

And if I've got my information wrong up there, since I don't know a lot about animals, just tell me.

I'd rather be wrong and be corrected than to be wrong and remain oblivious.

I feel like complaining.

So what is normal? I see normal everyday.  Normal. It's bland and unconscious, it knows exactly where it's headed, autopilot. Normal is different to everyone, since everybody has them selves in mind. My norm would be shut up and cooped up all day, without being able to choke out a few words to people. I get home and sit around, recently been doing my homework. I play acoustic, if that isn't working I move to electric and keyboard. If no one is home I scream my head off while playing electric, shrieking about how I don't seem to fit anywhere in the world. Then I  wait half an hour for my voice to sound "normal" again. I look around at my friends, and realize how different I am from them. How separate I feel, I don't exist sometimes. Normal is angry and jealous, it sees other people who are different and envies them. I covet a lot of things, especially peoples seamless interactions. I let myself down because I want to stand out, but I don't have the initiative. People don't see me how I want them too, all they see is this idiot fumbling for words. Normal is lonely, normal is solemn. And as much as I hate to say it, I'm normal. 


It's all good.

Basicallyyyy, I play guitar. Keyboard.

Thats it. Haha.

Two years on guitar and one for keyboard.

I don't fit into any category really. I am. That simple. I am quite introverted though, so I guess I drift more towards the "loner" end, but we've all got our buds. Thats what it is. I use built up everyday emotions to make music. Some notes are more inspiring than others. I try to incorporate everything though, it's amazing to still be learning about music. It's like food. Without it I starve. haha.

I hit downs and ups, like everyone else really. Most of the time I'm depressed or something dumb, but, if I'm not, I'm pretty vivacious.

Lots of times I take things to seriously, which leads to that built up emotion that translates into music.

I'm pretty much everywhere when it comes to what I listen to.

Uhh, examples.

Song - Artist

I am home - Massive attack
Dust is human skin - The moscow coup attempt
Your evil soul - The spill canvas
Joi - Kaki King
My Funny Valentine - Chris Botti
Insensible - Portishead
Still Running - Chevelle
Untitled Finale - Atreyu
Paperthin Hymn - Anberlin
Back in your head - Tegan and Sara
Silhouette - Thrice
Xeroscape - Montana Skies

Sorry. I was just trying to get a range going.

Uhh, my brain is kind of swamped right now. So. Thats all I've got. Hope to talk with some people soon.


Also thinking about an ear piercing. Parents don't like it though.

"Style news for the day"




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